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Me and the boo

Me and the boo

My name is Ashton. I am a 17 year old female. I am a Christian, nondenominational. I live in Florida, even though I hate beaches. I have been dating a wonderful boy for over a year now (pictured to the left). I have a large family–eight sisters and four brothers, three dogs and one cat, collectively. I go to public school, I take advanced classes. I have a ton of friends and belong to no set “clique.” I really like to sing and paint, even though I have had no training whatsoever in the latter. I enjoy laughing and bright colors. My room is a mess, I hate to clean it, but I will clean up others’ messes. I like to talk, so write me. If you ever have a question about anything just send me a message or an email. Stay happy!

AIM: ashtonrose1991

Yahoo (not on often): shockn_babay

MSN: shockn_babay@hotmail.com (warn me before you write me, I don’t add strangers)

Emails: shockn_babay@yahoo.com; shockn_babay@hotmail.com; ashtonrose1991@aol.com